Saturday, December 29, 2012


   Do you like the wassabi videos A LOT? Do you think you have the case of Wassabi Fever? Well, here are the symptoms of Wassabi Fever.

1. You like almost every video

2. You can easily tell if the video is true wassabi (one with the wassabi)

3. You follow both #AlexWassabi and #RoiWassabi

4. You have liked the Wassabi Productions page and the Alex Wassabi Page and the Roi Wassabi Page on Facebook.

5. You have bought almost every merchandise you can.

Clearly she has the case of Wassabi Fever

6. You are just like Rolanda and stalk either Alex, Roi, or Both!

7. You go on websites and role play as one of them.

8. You go to school dressed up as them

9. You make a exact replica of each video

If you qualify for 1/2 of these symptoms then you have wassabi fever. If you don't then shame on you!

The New video

  Wassabi Productions crew post their videos every Wednesday. Hashtag #WassabiWednesdays.  Check out the Latest video they have!

New Video: New Years Resolution

 This is the link for their new video!!!

  Summary: Roi and Alex tell each other what their New Years Resolution is. And use the music from songs to help make the story a little funnier. Check it Out!

Personal Video Related Question: What do you think is worse? Being lonely or being fat?

The Wassabi Boys

These are the best friends who run wassabi productions. Props to these two!!!

      The amazing, talented and hilarious videos are done by Roi and Alex Wassabi. They are like brothers from another mother. These two love what they do.  Their channel Wassabi Productions has grown more sucsessful each video, like, and subscription.